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Friday, June 16, 2006

FIFA 2006 ....

Wow ... it's FIFA world cup time again!!!!

I am going to post my views about the matches that I see ...

1) Germany 4 - Costa Rica 2

Germans were simply too good for Costa Rica. Klose is always an aerial threat. Podolsky looks interesting. Midfield of Frings (my favourite), Schweinsteiger and Ballack(didn't play) looks superb. Defence is, as always, well organized. As Bernd puts it right, they have managed to surprise even the German public with their superb dispaly.

2) Poland 0 - Ecuador 2

Didn't see this one, but looks like Ecuador have a very good striking pair in Delgado and Tenorio. I guess they will reach the 16.

3) England 1 - Parague 0

If england want to progress, they have to improve and fast. They really need Rooney and pace on the wings in Lennon/Walcott (I would love to see Walcott ... after all he is an Arsenal man !). Even the best midfield comprising Gerrard, Lampard & Beckham look boring if they have nobody to aim at. I personally haven't ever seen Michael Owen play as good as he is hyped to be. Crouch will give them a goal or two and is very awkward to deal with, but Ronney would be too hot to handle for most defences.

4) Trininad 0 - Sweden 0

Didn't see. Freddy and Zlat need to fire ... T&T have provrd they are no push-overs. Will they qualify for 16 ? I guess not.

5) Agrentina 2 - Ivory Coast 0

I really feel sorry for CIV. They are the best of the unknown lot but they have had no luck with the draw. I wish they could make it to 16 at least. On this day it took one of the best efforts from Argentina to down them 2-0 and gave us the best match of the world cup so far. CIV formation is really funny. It seems they play 1-9-1 with only Drogba and the keeper in designated positions. Kolo, Yaya, Zakora ... all were roaming around and creating lot of movement. With experience, this squad will go places. All of these seem to have 2 hearts and 3 lungs by the way they keep running up and down for 90 min. Expect to see a lot of them in europe next season. Both Yaya and Zakora were impressive, lets see if AW signs either. I used to hate Drogba as he was constantly a thorn in Arsenal's flesh in the premiership but now a days I have really started admiring him for his spirit and his fantastic skills. I really felt sad for CIV .... but then Argentina were fantastic. Riquelme was superb as usual and they have Crespo to finish it off. Add to that the most anticipated arrival of Messi and they look supreme. I actually back Argentina to make it at least to the semi-finals.

6) S&M 0 - Netherlands 1

Robben is cool ... but toooooo selfish. If he was playing more for the team, I am sure dutch would have scored at least 3. Dutch played well over all. S&M seemed lost on the big stage. Zigic was poor (AW wants to sign him ?) but so were many of them. Netherlands to 16.

7) Mexico 3 - Iran 1

Didn't see this one. Expect Mexico to pop up into 16 as usual.

8) Angola 0 - Portugal 1

Didn't see. Portugal to 16 and that's that. Can't see them going any further.

9) Italy 2 - Ghana 0

Missed out on this one. Result was expected, but I really wanted to see Italy play. Strikers are not exactly threatening but Totti is good. Defence should be typically italian and their goal-keeper is one of the best. Italy to 16.

10) USA 0 - Czech 3

Rosinsky ... we are going to hear a lot about him in coming years and that to for Arsenal :-). This was a really cool match. Czech midfielders (Rosinsky, Nedved and Poborsky) really tore apart the US. Great creativity, good finishers and resolute defence ... not to forget the best goal-keeper. I think they will make it at least to the semis. Rosinsky scored the goals, but I think man-of-the-match was Nedved. He seemed all fired up. News is that Koller is not seriously injured and should be back at later stages. It will be interesting to see how Czech play against a good defensive side like Italy.

11) Brazil 1 - Croatia 0

Prso was cool. Croats were no push overs. I think they might pop up into 16. Result was inavitable ... Kaka (my candidate for man-of-the-tournament) was class. Ronaldinhio looked fired up ... much more to come from him. Cafu and Carlos were their menacing best ... Cafu ... someone said he is >35 now ... cut him open and see how many hearts and lungs that fellow has ... Only one thing I failed to understand was why Brazil played with only 9 players for >65 min. Adriano and particularly Ronaldo were waste. They are great players, no doubt, they will bounce back, no doubt, but that doesn't mean they play even when they are poor !! I expect to see Robinho more and more ... but at the same time I back Ronaldo and Adriano in particular to bounce back. Brazil in semis (you don't need to be a rocket scientist to say that). --- there defence is still supsect with a goalkeeper who could be the next "calamity james".

12) Australia 3 - Japan 1

I must admit I thought it would be boring and skipped most part of the match. Ppl say it was the match of the tournament so far. Australia fell behind but scored 3 in last 10 min !!! I will surely watch their next match. They might actually make it to the 16 !!!

13) France 0 - Switzerland 0

Why did I see this one ??? A sure candidate for worst-match-of-the-cup. Was it Henry (the best) playing or his clone ??? Ribery is touted to be next Zidane ? He was poor. Zidane did come up with few good ones, but he clearly looks old now. So do Thuram and Veiera. Gallas was good. They need Henry to fire them into the 16 or else it's curtains !!! Senderos played well ... good signs for Arsenal.

14) South Korea 2 - Togo 1

Didn't see. Korea into 16.

15) Spain 4 - Ukraine 0

Didn't see. Spain are promising, should see the next one. Ukraine is mostly a one-man-team. Scheva is a scorer not a creator ... can't see them in 16.

16) Tunisia 2 - Saudi 2

Didn't see. One of them may actually make it to the 16.


Friday, May 12, 2006

धुपाटणे ...

"आयुष्यात मोठे व्हायचे असेल तर काहीतरी कमवण्यासाठी काहीतरी गमवायची तयारी असावी लागते" ... हे ही असेच कुठे तरी ऐकिवात आले ... विचार केला तर खऱय पण तितकेसे सोपे नाही. काय कमवण्यासाठी काय गमवतोय हे आधि कळायला तर पाहिजे ? कसे ठरवणार ? काहितरीच कमवण्यासाठी काहीच्या काही गमावणे हे वेडेपणाचे आहे ... गमवायची तयारी असण्यापेक्षाही हा नीर-क्षीर विवेक असणे जास्त महत्वाचे नाही का ? नाहीतर शेवटी तेलही जाईल, तूपही जाईल आणि नुसतेच धुपाटणे घेऊन बसण्याची वेळ येईल!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

साधी राहणी आणि उच्च विचारसरणी

"साधी राहणी आणि उच्च विचारसरणी" .... परवाच माझ्या एका मित्राच्या और्कूट वर ही ओळ वाचली आणि मनात विचार आला की बरेचदा ही ओळ एखाद्या महान माणसाची साधी राहणी अधोरेखित करण्यासाठी वापरली जाते ... हे तितकेसे बरोबर नाही. ह्या वाक्यातील महत्वाचा भाग "उच्च विचारसरणी" हा आहे, "साधी राहणी" हा नव्हे. एखाद्याचे विचार उच्च असतील आणि राहणी देखिल उच्च असेल तर तो मनुष्य साधी राहणी नाही म्हणून डावा तर ठरत नाही ना ? मला स्वत:ला तरी असा माणूस जास्त आवडेल ज्याचे विचार तर सुंदर आहेतच पण राहणीमान देखिल आकर्षक आहे ... का नसावे ??

Monday, April 24, 2006


ह्या रविवारी मी खूप दिवसांनी एका जत्रेला गेलो !! लहानपणी आई-बाबांबरोबर चतु:श्रुंगी च्या जत्रेला जायचो त्यानंतर हीच. तोच गोंधळ, तीच गर्दी, धूळ .... मला खरच २५ पेक्षा जास्त लोक असलेल्या जागी घुसमटायला होते ... इथे तर हजारो लोक ....
रविवारची छान संध्याकाळ ... दुपारी मस्त डुलकी काढल्यावर अचानक आम्हाला "चला खरेदीला जाउया" अशिइ दुर्बुद्धि झाली... म्हणले चला ... जायचेच आहे तर "फोरम" लाच जाऊ .... मला ह्या मॉल प्रकाराबद्दल एकच आवडते म्हणजे सगळे एका ठिकाणी मिळते (त्यात एअर कंडीशन वगैरे) आणि वण-वण भटकावे लागत नाही. झक मारत बाईक वर निघालो ... सध्या महा-नगर-पलिके नी मुळातच उत्तम असलेल्या रस्त्यांवर ६ इंच टार चा थर देण्याचा जो कार्यक्रम चालवला आहे, त्याचा प्रसाद मिळाला !! अखेर पोहोचलो बुवा कसे बसे कोरमंगला मध्ये .... तिथे नविन साक्षात्कार झाला की पुर्वी-प्रमाणे रहेजा अर्केड ला आता पार्क करता येत नाही ... मग झक मारत फोरम च्या पार्किंग साठी रांगेत लागलो, तर ते ओवर-फ़ुल्ल .... कसे बसे त्याच्या दुसऱ्या पार्किंग मध्ये जागा मिळाली ... तिथे वट्ट १० रुपये (हे काय पार्किंग च्या पैशातुन रोज एक नवे दुकान उघडतात की काय ??) देऊन गाडी लावली .... बाहेर पडून बघतो तर काय ... फोरम देवाच्या जत्रेला ऊत आला होता ... सगळीकडे माणसेच माणसे ... मला तर अगदिच घुसमटायला झाले ... कसे बसे एका दरवाजामधून आत शिरून सरकत्या जिन्यापऱ्यन्त पोहोचलो ... तिथे पहिली हुशारीची गोष्ट केली आणि वर न जाता थेट दुसऱ्या दरवाज्यानी बाहेर आलो .... मी म्हणले चला ... सुटलो ... पण कसले काय न कसले काय ... प्रीति च्या दांडग्या उत्साहापुढे माझे काही चालले नाही ... फोरम देवाचे असे धावते दर्शन घेतल्यावर तिला "बिग बजार" चि जत्रा बघायचि हौस आली ... रस्त्यावरून चालत कसे बसे तिथे पोहोचलो तर एन्ट्रन्सलाच १०० एक माणसे !!! बाप-रे ... प्रीति ने खेचून आत नेले म्हणून गेलो ... त्या बिचाऱ्या बिग बजार च्या एअर कंडीशन ने पण एवढी गर्दी पाहून जीव टाकला होता ... घाम ... गर्दी ... कसेबसे प्रीति ला पटवून बाहेर काढले, गाडी काढली आणि ३० मिनिटे पार्किंग साठी १० रुपये मोजल्याची खंत बाळगत गप-गुमान घरी आलो.मधला रिंग रोड चा स्ट्रेच माझा बंगलोर मधील सर्वात आवडता रस्ता ... तिथे एरवी मी कधिही ७० च्या खाली येत नाही ... काल मात्र त्या घुसमटीतून बाहेर पडल्यावर रिंग रोड वरील ती मोकळी हवा फारच छान वाटली ... ३० च्या पुढे स्पीड जाईना !!!
परत येतान प्रीति म्हणलि ... उगच ह्या सगळ्या लोकांनी येऊन किती गर्दी केलिये बंगलोर मध्ये .... ती हे म्हणु शकते, पण मी ?? मी पण खरे तर ह्या शहरात येऊन गर्दीच तर करतो आहे ... माझ्या इथे येण्याने बंगलोर ला अथवा येथिल रहिवास्यांना काय फायदा झाला ?? का आलो आपण सगळे इथे आणि का टिकून आहोत ?? गर्दी करायला ???

Thursday, April 20, 2006

navyaa diary che pahile paan ...

baryaach lokanni lihilele blog adhoon madhoon vaachat asato ... phaar chhaan lihitaat kaahi lok ... for example aamacha Ajit Oke ch ghyaa na !!. Malaa tevadhe chaan lihitaa yet naahi .... muLaat ektar malaa baryaachashyaa goshTinbaddhal (jyaabaddhal normally hii bloggers manDaLii lihitaat) phaarase kaahi vaaTatach naahi (sthita-pradnya ka kaay mhaNataat tase) ... tyaatun agadi vaatalech tar te itaraanna saangaave ase tar phaarach rarely vaaTate .... aaNi saangaayache jhaalech tar mee gappa maarataana or phone karuun saangato ... he lihiNe vagaire kitpat jamel jara shankaach aahe. Baghuyaa ....

pudhacha mudda mhaNaje mee lihilele vaachaNaar koN ? ... maajhe kaahi mitra aahet je sahaanubhuti mhaNuun vaachatilahi 1-2 blog (mee paN tyaahuun jaasta lihiNyaachi shakyataa kamiich) ... hakkaachi ek baayko aahe ... paN tilaa malaach he sagaLe vaachuun daakhavaave laagel + samajavaave paN laagel ... tyaa pekshaa nakoch. aai-babanna kaLavale tar te vaachatilahi kadachit ..... shevaTii kaay kirtankaar buanni kirtan kariit jaave ... kaay ??

bar aataa pudhalaa prashNa mhaNaje mii ithe kaay lihiNaar aaNi kadhi ??? phaar lihiNaar naahi he nakki ... adhoon madhuun ichchaa jhaali kii ...

navaa prayog mhaNuun he prakaraN suru kelay ...
  • Aim : maahit naahi
  • Apparatus : maajha rikaama veL aaNi company cha computer
  • Figure : koNaachi ??
  • Procedure : lihiNaaryaane lihit jaave, vaachaNaaryaane vaachit jaave ... vaachata vaachata vaachaNaaryaanehi lihaayalaa laagaave
  • Observations : kariin tenvhaa saangiin
  • Conclusion : haa blog mothaa jhaalaa aahe ... thaamba aataa.